Springtime, yes the sap is rising!



cold soil is warming

pushing up towards the sun

crocuses blooming


I must confess, I like change.  Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year for this very reason.  During the onset and height of both these seasons, each day is new with the most magnificent sensual shifts–new colors, new sites, new sounds, new plants, new smells–an absolute feast for the senses.

An additional delight of Spring is the coming of the light…each day growing ever longer as the sun hangs a few moments more in the sky.  The lingering sun brings with it a growing warmth–stirring the soil-stirring the sap-stirring our souls.

This year, as the days started to hint at a little more sunshine, we contemplated how to honor one of our recent history’s bright shining lights–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Instead of helping organize a service project, we decided to feed our community’s volunteers…and to plant the seeds of peace and service to be harvested throughout the year.  We cooked pots of chili, baked cornbread, and welcomed our friends and neighbors. We also cleaned up the greenhouse, prepped seed beds and planted over 15 varieties of cold-season veggie seeds (with the help of Maddie from UNCA!).

There’s a secret delight that’s hard to explain – watching a seed sprout and new life take shape out of something once small, hard, and innocuous.  This year we’ve watched in awe as seed after seed has sprouted, leading to a greenhouse full of healthy early-spring plant starts for your cool-season garden.  It’s truly miraculous!

We now have over 60 flats filled to brimming with spinach, broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, pak choi, chinese cabbage, chard, dianthus, butterfly weed and more.  Which means it’s nearly time for our 4th annual early spring plant sale.  Except this year, we decided to make it a party!  We hope you’ll join us as we raise funds for the gardens and celebrate the coming of Spring!

Check out the official invite here!

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